Support & COnnect

Consulting with other clinicians is an essential part of the helping field. We offer a consulting group specific to the needs of clinicians of color.

As best practice, the counseling and social work board encourage clinicians to have a peer consulting group which increases support and decreases risk. We offer just that! A place to discuss clients, therapeutic struggles, and gain personal support.


we offer Community

We provide community, connection and a safe space to share the challenges and successes of being a clinician of color in the mental health field. Community has been a long standing way that people of color find connection, purpose and inspiration; however this resource has often been stifled by the limited number of clinicians, as well as access to one another within the great Oregon area. C4 provides us with the ties, relationships and community that fosters inter and intra-personal connection that is needed within the mental health field.


A Referral Source

C4 provides internal referral source for clients who are looking for clinicians of color who provides a therapeutic specialty. As we know, many clients of color have not been provided with the opportunity to mental health services; however there has been a shift recently in this arena. More black and brown clients are reaching out to therapists of color for support. This will allow clients to be provided with the opportunity to have a clinician of color who specialize in their areas of interest.


Therapeutic consulting

Together we will provide ongoing consultation to clinicians of color who are serving the greater Portland area. As we know, clinical supervision has been proven to be critical to the success of clinicians and clients. However, there are times when supervision or consultation does not account for the impact of our/clients social location, cultural and systemic oppression. C4 allows for clinicians of color to gain important and supportive feedback from one another as we navigate client care, work-place dynamics, and the personal impact of serving our communities, challenging work-places and what it means to be a clinician of color serving this community.