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Hidden History of Albina Walking Tour

Join youth activist Llondyn Elliot as he takes us on a walk down Albina, the neighborhood he grew up in. 

This tour celebrates and commemorates pieces of Portland's black history with stops at: 
- One of the few remaining black-owned businesses on North Mississippi Ave, Sons of Haiti Masonic Lodge
- The only church in Portland where Martin Luther King Jr. preached, Vancouver Avenue Baptist Church
- The historic headquarters of the Urban League of Portland
- Dawson Park and the remnants of Albina’s City Hall building

The Boise and Eliot neighborhoods in North Portland are rich in diverse history and culture, serving as the historic heart of Portland’s African American community. Over the past few decades, dramatic changes have altered the face of the region, something which can go easily unnoticed. This tour provides a great opportunity for visitors, and residents alike to reconnect with the roots of this community, from the history of the City of Albina, to the city Vanport and beyond.